Identifying cogs in the adoption wheel: opportunities to target extension


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Researcher's References

Llewellyn, R.S., Lindner, R.K., Pannell D.J. & Powles, S.B. (2005). Targeting key perceptions when planning and evaluating extension, Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture 45: 1627-1633. here


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About the Researcher

Dr Rick Llewellyn

 Dr Rick Llewellyn

Farming Systems Scientist, CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems

Dr Rick Llewellyn has a background in adoption of agricultural research and in cropping systems. His reserach aims to contribute to the development of strategies for sustainable farming in southern Australia.


  • adoption of agricultural technology
  • integrated weed management
  • farming systems and extension
  • precision agriculture

Current projects: 

  • adoption of no-till farming
  • precision agriculture tools for Mallee grain growers
  • sustainable weed management for Philippines rice growers


Web site: